Wednesday, 18 December 2013


My country, Nigeria, continue to bleed with no abatement in site.  She has been bleeding from birth, seems she was bleeding from the womb.  She has managed to bear children, plenty of them - male and female – surprisingly unhindered by her perennial bleeding challenge.  She started child bearing very early, probably under-aged and had hoped to find succour in this. But alas, the sons and daughters she brought forth has turned around to afflict her the more, worsening her problems; so much so that she seem to be just hoping and wishing to die – go back to where she came from.

At birth, she hoped to overcome her health challenge. This hope was strengthened by the enormous blessings of this creation that her maker endowed her with.  The endowments were so much that lost in them, she would not remember her ailment – possibly get a permanent cure without knowing when and how.  She went about procreating in great confidence, because she could see more than enough to carter for her offspring. Her offspring would in turn have enough to live on and carter for theirs too and so it would continue. What an existence of bliss she saw ahead of her.

Today, she is bowed in total dejection, beaten and crushed, ready and wishing to die. She is far from the blissful life that lay on the horizon for her at birth – it is so near, yet so far away. Though she was endowed with much at birth, her creator required her to go to work in order to turn her endowments from the raw state into such that she can truly enjoy. The work required was (and still is) much and this informed her haste to procreate; she hoped to bring forth offspring that will key in and help her in turning her raw endowments into precious stuff.

Alas, what did she bring forth?  Children, with heads, ears, minds and hearts that are so complicated to describe.  They keep learning but never learn; keep listening but never hear; keep thinking but never able to crystallise their thoughts; keep looking into the horizon but only able to see just to the end of their noses.  They keep running toward beauty, but suddenly stop just at the point of grabbing such.  They begin to refine their endowments, but easily get distracted by frivolities and then go away, only to return a long time later to meet these endowments in worst raw conditions.  Sometimes they manage to make great progress, but suddenly develops myopia of the head, mind and heart and then decide to dismantle their progress on the altars of debauchery, revelling and what have you.  They stay on this round trip until they exit the scene, leaving their offspring to continue in the same path.

What a situation for beloved fatherland Nigeria.  When shall thou salvation come? When shall thou get into and begin to frolic in the bliss that was bestowed on you at birth.  When you were born, men and women who saw your endowments were full of envy and wished…  Today, they have not stopped wishing.

In many instances, she brought fort offspring that chose to tow a different path, keying in fully to her vision. But sadly, these end up crowded out by the greater number with chronic myopia.  Oh! What a condition.  Suddenly, the strand of myopia afflicting her offspring have become more tormenting, creating some unique kind of madness and abject thoughtlessness.  They now devour themselves with reckless abandon – they started discreetly, but not anymore. Today, it is no more about getting to work in order to refine their enormous endowments, it is about surviving the others onslaught.  In this situation, the endowments remain unworked.  What a sad situation.  Beloved fatherland, when shall thou salvation come.